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Olga Romanoff is a professional artist in Oil Paintings,

a member of the International Federation of Artists, 

a writer, a member of the International Union of Writers.

"I was born in the artists family in Penza town (Russia) in 1970. My great-grandfather was a Colonel and the inspector of the Don Army. My great-grandmother Zina was a Tolstoyan. She corresponded with Lev Tolstoy daughter - Tatiana Tolstoy.

1980-1984 - The Penza School of Arts.
1984-1988 - The Penza College of Fine Arts.

I was lucky enough. I met Valentin Massow in 1986. He became my teacher and 13 years later he became my husband. Valentin Massow is the artist of genius. My future of an artist has been realized thanks to his great interest to my talent.

Art has always been my passion. I knew from a very early age that art was going to be the most important in my life.
My way to Art has begun in Watercolor Painting. Watercolor Painting has given me freedom and has helped me to realize myself as a creative person. Oil Painting has given me sensation of flight and omnipotence. I like Oil Painting. I love to work with people and nature. I want to show beauty of a human soul, of nature. I call my work "penetration to mystery".  My tenet of my work: You can never step into the same river twice. Every my new painting is as a new step in my creativity.

My art works are not symbols of modern banalities and facelessness. I am not a dilettante with a sole primitive purpose – to create a spot of color for the interior, without thoughts and feelings. I am Artist. Art is my life. I am in developmental stage all time, because perfection has no limit.

1995 - 2004 - I lived in Moscow.

My exhibitions:

1996: Solo Exhibition at the Chekhov's museum in Melikhovo.
1998: Solo Exhibition at the Man's museum in Moscow.
1999: Solo Exhibition at the Cultural center of Lithuania (Moscow).
2000-2006: "Gold brush" (Moscow).
2000-2011: "Russian Art Help" (Moscow - London)
2016: "SeeMe Exhibitions" (New York)

All my achievements are here.  As they say, Vanity Fair in action :)

Now, I look to the future with hope because I know about a lot and I have gone through a lot. I haven’t wasted myself on the evil of the transient world. I freed myself from unnecessary illusions and other people's opinions. I know what I want and, even more important, what I don't want anymore. I have a choice and it's mine.
I stopped chasing mirages because I know my way. I don't owe anything to anyone and that makes me free. I still can and want to think. I don't know what depression is because I have faith.
My future is in God's hands, so I'm calm...

P. S. Unfortunately, I don't paint anymore. In 2019, illegal construction in the courtyard of our house crossed out my plans for a creative future. An ugly building sprang up in front of our windows. The building blocked the sun for me, killed the creative environment. I have no opportunity to acquire another workshop for work, so I stop working in Penza town".

Olga Romanoff

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